Orgasm is defined by contractions of the pelvis and intense pleasure in the course of ejaculation.

From Solo to Partnered: How to Have the Best Male Orgasm

As a man, you want the best male orgasm to get the best sexual experience every time. This will take your enjoyment to the next level. To attain this level, you need arousal to the highest point before engaging with your partner. There are several ways to enable your arousal to reach the Zenith before engaging in the final act. Read on to find out how it works.

Understanding the male orgasm

So, what is a male orgasm? It is the peak point of sexual arousal and excitement, leading to a man releasing his sperm.

Orgasm is defined by contractions of the pelvis and intense pleasure in the course of ejaculation. The more intense the male orgasm is, the more pleasure his sexual partner experiences. It is, therefore, essential to know how to improve male orgasm to get the best out of sexual sessions.

Remember, merely ejaculating does not amount to a complete orgasm. An intensely aroused man before sex will experience a much more explosive orgasm than his less excited counterpart.

Ways of getting the best male orgasm

You require going through some steps before engaging in the final act of sex. These will ensure that when you finally get into intercourse, you will be well on your way to the final explosion of pleasure.

Things to do when you are solo

  • Engage in a raunchy chat - Begin your journey to unparalleled pleasure by engaging in an online sex video chat with a lady. The ladies involved in these chats are trained to tell you and show you things that will get your penis stiff.
  • Rub your member - A little rubbing on the penis in the course of this chat will start your sexual juices flowing. It will also increase the stiffness of your erection.
  • Invite your partner in - After you end the chat, you are now ready to engage with your partner.
  • Caress and kiss - Slowly and sensually touching your partner will arouse her and in the process increase your pleasure. Make sure to touch the cheeks, ears and neck, before moving to the breasts, thighs and finally the virginal mound and clitoris. Kissing passionately while doing all these will send her mourning within no time,
  • Undress her - When her pleasure rises, begin to undress her slowly. If she is passionate, she will automatically begin undressing you as well.
  • Let her suck you - When both of you are finally naked, you should let her suck your penis. This will increase its stiffness, and it will begin throbbing.
  • Insert your member - You can now enter her and start engaging in sex. The rule of thumb is to start slowly, to avoid premature ejaculation. You can pick up speed and intensity as you go on. When seismic body movements engulf both of you, you will experience heightened sporadic movement that will lead to an eruption of volcanic proportions as you ejaculate.
  • End the act with a kiss - when it is all over, give your partner a deep kiss to show your appreciation. This will enable another fulfilling sexual engagement later.

Things to do with your partner

Things that may ruin your orgasm

There are certain things you should avoid if you want to get the best male orgasm. These are things that can ruin your arousal and return you to square one before you attain your sexual peak.

  • Interruptions - You should not have kids streaming in or a strident phone call when you are on your way to an orgasm. This will destroy your heightened feelings at any stage of the process. That can be a real waste after you have put in so much effort. However, a locked door and a phone on silent can easily solve such setbacks.
  • Unrelated discussions - Talking about business or domestic matters with your partner will spoil the sexual feeling. If you have to talk, make sure the topic is about how sexy your partner is, or simply about sex.
  • Alcohol or drugs - When you are high on something, it will reduce your sexual intensity. If you prefer to take a little champagne or beer before the act, make sure it does not completely intoxicate you.

Enjoy your intense orgasm

You will get the best male orgasm by adhering to the steps above and avoiding the listed pitfalls. Moreover, you will ensure that you get the best sexual experience every time, which will improve your love of intercourse. Happy orgasms men.

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