Slow and passionate sex can be more enjoyable than the classic quickie.

The Surprising Benefits of Slow and Passionate Sex

Most people tend to rush sex. Some are concerned only with reaching orgasm as quickly as possible, while others like to get it over with fast due to a lack of confidence.

Either way, it's comparatively rare for anyone to make the effort to enjoy slow and passionate sex at its absolute best.

Which is a shame, given how slow and passionate sex really can be a million times more enjoyable than the classic (and often far too frenzied) quickie.

What Is Slow Sex?

Roughly defined, slow sex refers to sexual activity that focuses on creating intimacy and connection through slower, more conscious sexual interactions. This type of sex encourages couples to take their time and focus on pleasure, connection and communication.

Slow and passionate sex is a more mindful, present-focused approach to sex where all the senses are engaged, and both partners are encouraged to be aware and attuned to each other’s needs.

The slow sex approach allows couples to become more aware of their own and their partner’s physical, emotional and mental state during sex. This type of sex encourages couples to focus on every sensation, touch and movement, rather than rushing to the end.

The main benefit of slow sex is that it encourages couples to be more present, aware and connected with each other during sex. It also helps couples become more attuned to their own and their partner’s needs, allowing for more intentional and mindful sexual interactions.

Slow and passionate sex is also beneficial because it allows couples to explore and discover new sensations, which can lead to greater pleasure and satisfaction.

Slow sex can help couples become more comfortable with their own bodies, as well as exploring their partner’s body. This can help to increase sexual desire and connection between partners.

How To Have Slow Sex?

On paper, experiencing the full joys of slow sex sounds surprisingly simple. In practice, it’s not always the case. Old habits die hard, which means that adjusting to a completely new way of having sex can be quite tricky.

Still, make the effort, and you could soon be looking at a more gratifying and satisfying sex life than you’ve ever experienced before.

Here are six simple yet essential steps to get you started:

1. Take your Time

Slow and passionate sex is all about taking your time and savoring each moment. Slow down and focus on your partner’s body, exploring their curves and contours with your hands and lips.

Take the time to really enjoy the physical sensations and make sure your partner is feeling them too.

2. Use Foreplay

Foreplay is an essential part of slow sex. Take your time to explore each other’s bodies, with sensual touches, kisses and caresses.

Focus on erogenous zones and build up the anticipation until both of you are ready to move on to more intimate activities.

Try to remember that most women take more pleasure in what takes place before and/or after penetration than the main event itself.

3. Communicate

Communication is key when exploring slow sex. Talk to your partner and make sure they’re comfortable and enjoying the experience. Ask them what they like and what they don’t. Listen to their responses and make sure your actions reflect that.

4. Experiment

Slow sex is a great opportunity to experiment with different positions and techniques. Try out different rhythms and rhythms to find what works best for both of you. You could also try bringing the stop-start technique into your sessions, which could help you last considerably longer.

5. Practice With the Pros

Online sex video chat sites can be great places to learn and master the art of slow, intimate sex.

Experienced cam girls are standing by to show you everything you need to know, providing you with the personal tuition you need to become the ultimate lover.

Not to mention, learn how to satisfy yourself in ways you didn’t think possible, enabling you to take your solo-play to the next level.

6. Enjoy the Moment

Slow and passionate sex is all about enjoying the moment. Don’t rush towards the end goal, but rather focus on the journey and savor every second of it.

Enjoy the physical pleasure, the connection and intimacy and the emotional connection that comes with it. Be ready to stick with it and give it some time, as it’s perfectly possible the whole thing will feel a little unusual (if not completely alien) at first.

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